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Washington State training & resource center for meeting the new vision screening requirements.

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Washington State Screening Tutorial

Version 1.0 Aug 11, 2017

Sponsored by: Optometric Physicians of Washington

Quick Start Instructions for Washington State Vision Screening (PDF Download)

going beyond the minimum requirements

Part 1: Vision Issues Impacting Development & Learning: Birth To Five

Exploring the role of vision screening in detecting vision issues that impact student learning

Presented by Alan Pearson, OD MEd PhD FCOVD at the Infant and Early Childhood Conference in May of 2018.

Version 1.0 Aug. 22, 2018

Sponsored by: The EYE Research Group at the UW, Bothell


In this presentation, Dr. Alan Pearson is talking about common vision issues in children and what conditions are likely to be missed by vision screenings.

He is highlighting the importance of Eye Exams and gives suggestions for a better way of conducting a vision screening. Many Vision Issues impacting a child's development and learning ideally should be found and addressed in the birth to five range.

This presentation sorts out the important vision issues to screen for and the best age to find and refer. It discusses how important it is for professionals to share a common message when communicating to parents about the importance of vision in development & learning, and how and when pediatric eye exams by optometrists or ophthalmologists are best completed.

Vision Screening Tutorial: Part 2

Near Vision Function: Preparing Children for Vision Demands of Classrooms and Learning.

A presentation by Dr. Alan Pearson at the IECC conference.

May 5th 2017, Tacoma WA

By Alan P Pearson, OD MEd PhD FCOVD