Eye Exams


The EYE Research Group and the University of Washington Bothell does not provide clinical services. But we do collaborate with a Washington State registered non-profit named Near Vision Institute and their EYE See Clinic. You can find out more about eye exams and services by following the link below. Our purpose is to understand the issues and find effective solutions. Our research requires testing in real world contexts. We develop tools and techniques for clinical settings. Operating our own clinic provides the place where the trials and agile development can happen.

The EYE See Clinic provides eye exams, eye glasses, vision therapy, low vision for children birth to 18 years of age through a Bothell and Bellevue base facility and a mobile vision clinic traveling across the State of Washington.

These services directly address the problem of access to specialized functional vision evaluations which are currently only offered in the State’s larger cities. The Near Vision Institute's EYE Toolbox technology will enable remote access to interventions. Their Binocular Stability MAP is a best practice treatment strategy that is delivered through their EYE Toolbox system to address near vision dysfunctions that impact 5 to 17% of the State’s school children. Because technology is best developed within a real context, solving real problems, our research and development mission is to collaborate with operating clinics such as the EYE See Clinic. We also seek to find a balance between being the access point in a community and being the catalyst for local professionals to begin offering similar care. Thus, the EYE See Clinic is a demonstration project and a source for developing professional education materials to train professionals to duplicate service models proven successful.

Dr. Alan Pearson, the Executive Director of Near Vision Institute, has specialized in functional vision evaluations and therapy for most of his 30+ year career.

By following the link below you will be taken to the EYE See Clinic's website and understand that the EYE See Clinic is currently a division of Near Vision Institute and is not controlled or operated by the EYE Research Group or the University of Washington Bothell.