In 2013 final reports from the Child Vision Projects - a joint effort of AmeriCorps and the University of Washington School of Public Health - ignited a firm determination among a group of citizens in Washington State to address the functional vision issues impacting student learning in school that have been, for the most part, consistently ignored in our country. The University of Washington Bothell picked up the challenge and sponsored the 2014 Educating Young Eyes symposium that brought together over 80 people to discuss the issues. Energy and efforts from this group and others led to the passing of Senate bill 6245 in the spring of 2016 which mandates that public schools in Washington State screen near vision, not just distance vision. In November of 2016 another Educating Young Eyes symposium was held at the University of Washington Bothell and efforts to create the EYE Center for Children's Vision, Learning, and Technology were consolidated. The EYE Center sponsors a companion website as the place to touch the energy and activism of the diverse group of people dedicated to helping children see better to learn.